Phosphorus Compounds

MOLYVAN® L Friction Reducer

MOLYVAN L is an oil-soluble organic molybdenum additive containing sulfur and phosphorus. It functions as friction reducer, antioxidant, antiwear, and E.P. agent. It is used in engine oils, metalworking compositions and in a variety of industrial and auto-motive lubricating oils, greases and specialties. MOLYVAN L is an outstanding antiwear agent. It is quite useful in automotive and industrial gear oils and greases which operate under heavy load conditions. Note: Since oil formulations vary it is recommended that upon the incorporation of any additive the finished product be tested to confirm original test results. In some formulations, the presence of MOLYVAN L may contribute to copper corrosion which would be detrimental to some diesel engines. Therefore, its use in such lubricants is not recommended.
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