OCTOATE Z® Activator

OCTOATE Z is an activator containing a soluble zinc carboxylate for bloom-free cures, which can be used instead of zinc oxide in most adhesives applications. OCTOATE Z is also excellent in applications where fatty acids cause accelerator bloom.

OCTOATE Z® Solid Activator

Activator for natural and synthetic rubbers. Used in soluble cure systems in natural rubber and synthetic polyisoprene.

VANAX® 808 HP Accelerator

VANAX 808 HP is an excellent accelerator for Neoprene cements. It is a crosslinking agent used in chlorosulfonated polyethylene/methacrylate, industrial/household adhesives. The light color associated with this product aids in hiding the bond/weld line.

VANAX® 808 Accelerator

NR, SBR, CR, IIR, and latex accelerator of intermediate strength. Activator for acidic accelerators. Excellent for reclaims and hard rubber stocks, CR cements containing litharge. Latex vulcanizates age well. Also used as a secondary accelerator in CPE.